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Dr. Kynan Robinson is an award-winning Teacher, Educational Leader and Co-Learning Innovator. Founder of the renowned EnRusk consultancy, with offices in the US, Australia and clients on six continents, Robinson and his team are trusted partners of prestigious educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies who are ready to drive the change they want and need. Enrusk’s irreverent and fun approach creates lasting cultures of vulnerability, courage, and innovation.

Creativity is a hallmark of Enrusk’s work and Kynan’s life, concurrent with his Education career he is a cross-genre Composer and Musician winning three ARIA Awards, two Australia Council Grants, five Arts Victoria Grants, the Green Room Award, and the Apra Music Award.

He has keynote dozens of international conferences, is a dynamic passionate storyteller who will constantly challenge the status quo in a way that will inspire your participants and place you at the forefront of thinking in the areas you are focussing on. 

Keynote Topics MIGHT draw from

Reinventing the Classroom: An Insight into a Co-Learning Ecosystem

We have heard of co-creation but what is co-learning. Imagine a world where there were no teachers, students, schools just co-learners. Sounds nuts right? Well, it already exists, ist in the real world. Let me explain it to you and you'll never see the world the same way again.

Finding and Telling Your School’s / Organisations Unique Story

What makes you special, different and important? Storytelling is crucial to human culture and community wellbeing. Experience how to find a story that you want to tell about your school, craft that story and then experiment with it.


Why one of the Most Successful K-12 Schools in America Chose to Innovate with Design Thinking

Learn why cutting-edge schools are embracing fresh, agile approaches to Strategic Thinking. 


Is Real World Problem Solving the Key to Breakthroughs in Education? The way kids are asked to learn in school is the opposite to the way they learn out of school or in the real world, Thats nuts!! Imagine what a classroom or a school would look like where everything that students were required to learn was directly linked to their life in the real world. But more than that it helped contribute to change and knowledge in their real world. It would look like engagement, contribution, meaningfulness, connectivity, collaboration, buy-in, stress goes down, opportunities go up and school aligns to the rest of the world. Hear stories of success from schools and entire districts we have helped transition to this way of thinking plus simple steps to help you achieve the same. It's not that hard to do.

Listen to Learn: How Covid Helped Us to Listen: Success Stories and learnings from our Listen Learn Leap Program we used the Covid 19 Crisis to bring schools back together, re-energize, rediscover their passion for learning and teaching, innovate and consciously design the community they want to have rather than accepting what they had.


Conference Workshops

We can energize your conference by bringing our world-leading, highly creative and dynamic workshops to be a key cornerstone. We will work with you to design a series of workshops that weaves into your conference theme, challenges the thinking of participants, and leaves them with key takeaways with which to return to their workplaces and implement immediate noticeable change and innovation. 

Conference Design

At EnRusk, we re-imagine conferences to focus on that connectivity and harness the power of the collective. We foster a deep level of active participation, which makes our model unique. We support participants in:

- Identifying common problems and developing ideas together,

- Learning from each other and building connections to magnify their individual potential,

- Collectively design prototypes that they can take back to their workplaces to instantly spark change.

Artwork by Cameron Robbins

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