Conference Design


Conferences are in desperate need of a shake-up.

Today, participants attend presentations they had no input in creating, and that don't address their main concerns and challenges. By the time they’re back in the office they have forgotten anything they may have learned.

The opportunity to connect with others in the industry is really the only useful thing about conferences—the way they are now.

At EnRusk, we re-imagine conferences to focus on that connectivity and harness the power of the collective. We foster a deep level of active participation, which makes our model unique. We support participants in:

- Identifying common problems and developing ideas together,

- Learning from each other and building connections to magnify their individual potential,

- Collectively design prototypes that they can take back to their workplaces to instantly spark change.


We work closely with your organizing committee to understand the problems you want to solve.  But most importantly, we let every participant shape the experience. We reach out to each participant, talk to them about the problems they see in their field. Then we incorporate this feedback and design the conference experience with you. 

This process allows you to transform your conference into a collective movement that can shift the foundations of your field. With tried and tested tools, expert facilitation, and guidance, we'll create ways for individuals to maintain a constant connection and keep growing and learning together.

We have extensive experience designing online conferences. Our philosophy is not to recreate online what happens offline, but to harness the potential of a different medium. The possibilities are endless and exciting. We guarantee you'll be excited too.

Artwork by Cameron Robbins