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Architectural Design

Are you embarking on major architectural and/or design changes to the place where you work? We can help you make sure that your new space is well suited to your organization and that your team feels inspired, rather than intimated by the transformation of their environment.

Changes to physical working and learning spaces can be very unsettling, and unless the transition is carefully managed, your team could feel threatened or disengaged and therefore resist and fail to adapt to their new surroundings. The result may be that a very costly new space is not used to its full potential.  Your team is more likely to be supportive if they have been part of the conversation around change and have some input into the design process.  

We can help individuals and teams find and share the story of their approaches to space and how they work today. We will work through a listening process with all stakeholders to allow needs and problems to emerge.  We will help you to identify how your new space could meet your current needs and inspire you to come up with new ways of innovating and growing. We then help you communicate with your architects to ensure that the changes work for you and your organization's future direction.  We will ensure that everyone is speaking the same language. The earlier we become involved in the process the more likely it is that you will have a smooth transition and a new home that serves your needs now and into the future.

We will also document this process in a way that is easily understood so that the rationale for the changes becomes part of your overarching story and can be communicated to new members of your community.

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