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Moving from a five year plan to one that flexes with creativity and agility

We have guided many schools and education associations through a creative strategy-building process. The process is designed to help schools architect their futures through the examination and interrogation of the status quo to address challenging problems and collaboratively design innovative solutions. Creating an agile school strategy involves listening, creativity, collaboration, and communication. It will lead to change and new ways of working. We will assist in the development of new processes, tools and help to develop a mindset of inclusiveness and continual creativity.

Our bespoke Agile Approach to Strategy  program includes:    

  •  Research and analysis on current data (including links to accreditation)

  • Workshops to uncover challenges and design innovative proven solutions 

  • Agreed vision and mission statement 

  • Clear, ambitious objectives

  • Defined Key Performance Indicators or Key Results used to measure success

  • Road-mapping and resourcing sessions  

  • Highly innovative strategic projects including coaching to completion 

  • Final strategy documentation including a communications plan 

  • Coaching as you role out your strategic projects

  • A new culture of agile thinking


EnRusk Bronze Strategy Package

Less is More

An entry-level package where we cover the basics to help you start to make a real change. This includes problem finding and goal setting workshops and basic reporting and recommendations.

Engagement time: Two to Four Weeks

EnRusk Silver Strategy Package

Add Some Shine

Designed for schools wanting to delve a little deeper this package  includes a high touch be-spoked approach, multiple workshops with all school stakeholders,  presentation forums, increased analysis and reporting from our team and the creation of  content helping you tell your story. 

Engagement time: Six Weeks 

EnRusk Gold Strategy Package


We work in close partnership with you to unpack the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves guiding you through the process of ideation and prototyping leaving you with a clear strategy & roadmap going forward, plus guidance and coaching as you implement the projects. In the gold package you are lefts with a process you can use yourselves in the future. 


Engagement time:  Two to Six months. 

All of our work is bespoke to suit your school's unique needs. Let's talk more to find what you need and how we can help you.,


"Through (EnRusk Founder) Kynan Robinson's leadership and expertise, we are beginning to question long-held assumptions about our school and its future.  Administrators and faculty are thinking differently in order to make our school a more caring and well place.  Kynan is a skilled facilitator who will not settle for the status quo. He is fittingly provocative and has pushed our faculty to dream big about the future.  If you are considering any form of change management in your organization, EnRusk is essential."

This brought vulnerability into the classroom in a way that hasn't existed before… It has definitely opened up for us the potential for us to think differently about how we might approach stuff in the future.

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