Who We Are

We're a global consultancy company made of people who live to create, connect, and innovate. We're leaders, professionals, and innovators but also artists, writers, and visionaries. 


We help organizations achieve the change they need by bringing fresh eyes and a personalized touch to every project we work on. When we partner with you we're 100% committed to creating together a plan to get you exactly where you need to be.


We're a team of experts in design thinking and other industry-leading processes for change and innovation. And we have developed our own tools to help put your organization in the driver's seat.


We know that creativity, change, and innovation are essential to all organizations to achieve sustainability and growth. We know because we've seen it after 20 years working with top schools, companies and startups, associations, and government agencies. And we have one small goal - we want to work with you to change the world.


Meet The Team

Dr. Kynan Robinson


Founder, CEO

 Author, keynote speaker, musician and composer. Kynan leads us practically, philosophically, and drives us to always think big and create together.

Kristen Swenson


Senior Research



Kristen is a researcher, PhD candidate and one of Australia's most innovative educators and educational leaders with expertise in early years and digital technologies. 

Christian Long headshot copy.jpg

Christian Long

Designer, Master



Lead Designer, educator, master facilitator, keynoter, thought leader, Christian is a powerhouse who works on multiple verticals within our team. 

Partners  and  Collaborators

Tom Bass

Videographer & Content Creator

Videographer, content creator and musician Tom specializes in capturing and communicating ideas in education, fashion and the arts, always through an artistic lens.


To become an EnRusken means you are part of our team, a partner, a supporter or someone who wants to pitch an idea to us. It can be a highly developed idea you need help finishing or just something you want to talk through. If it sticks we want to help you collectively create it together


Alika Feldmen


Visual and digital artist and designer.  Alika infuses our all our work with creativity  and makes it just look so good

fiorella Rizza.jpeg

Fiorella Rizza

Senior UX Writer

Writer, poet, world explorer, creator and UX expert. Fiorella makes sure all our work and our clients work is  perfect, poetic, and on brand. Be that words, UX or philosophy. 

Michelle Robinson

Trustee Head

Michelle is a highly regarded and innovative product person who works with the worlds leading digital companies. She keeps us all in line and on the right track. She is also a super cool and award winning artist.

Chad Tew.jpeg

Chad Tew

Partnerships and Mergers

Founder and CEO of LearnCollab, thought leader, speaker and facilitator. Chad is our key advisor and lead partner for our partners and mergers division. Considered one of the best at it and a true innovative thinker why would we go anywhere else