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High Performing Teams


Two days of highly dynamic, creative, and collaborative workshops for boards, senior leadership, or middle leadership teams designed to unite your teams, and give them a vision, purpose, and direction for their journey ahead.  We can work with you either in person, online or as part of an incubator.

Our 'High Performing Teams' program values an agile approach to leadership and teamwork. Creativity, collaboration, connectivity, and change are crucial to our work. We create environments where individuals discover the creative confidence to contribute to the team's solutions and direction meaningfully.

EnRusk Icons People
EnRusk Icons People

The program design is grounded in research and evidence. Our facilitation is considered masterful,  We work alongside you, guiding you to see gaps and opportunities you might be missing and equipping you with new ways of thinking and working that will set you up for unprecedented success.


We help teams discover how to really collaborate and create together. When this happens, the ideas and solutions and the impact achieved are always greater than what was previously considered possible.

The process we follow when working with leadership teams is three-part. 


1. Our Story of Self / Empathy for Self

Who am I? What are my values? I tell my personal story so that you understand what calls me to leadership on this cause, what challenges I have faced, and what choices I made that show why I'm called to be a part of this team. As we learn to tell our individual stories, we better understand ourselves, what has shaped our thinking, and how we like to work. We unearth the skills and talents previously hidden away.


2. Our Story of Us / Empathy for Other

This is your team's Collective Story, known and hidden. 

Who are we? Can we tell our Collective Story? Our individual stories weave together around the values that we share. What are our shared challenges + milestones walked so far? What's the direction and our path forward? We develop Ambitious Objectives that are tightly aligned with the organization's Values, Vision,  Mission, and Objectives.


3. Our Story of Now / Empathy for Process 

We have a specific and doable call to action. What is the price of inaction? What is the measurable impact of action? What environment do we exist within that we will need to navigate, including forces and levers?   Teams design how they choose to work and communicate, including their measures of impact.

"Working with EnRusk put us in the driver's seat to enact the change we knew we needed. This was brilliant."


  • United, motivated, and deeply empathetic teams.

  • A clear purpose and direction including an inspiring vision and mission which everyone can get behind 

  • An agile approach to process and delivery including innovative, designed processes for communication and collaboration 

  • A culture of innovation and collaboration where everyone feels heard, valued and finds their place to meaningfully contribute

  • We leave you empowered having experienced and learned the process, skillsets, and toolsets we have used with you.


Working Together

 2 Day Retreat

Workshops delivered over two days plus reporting documentation and recommendations.

Engagement time:

2-day workshop delivered in person 

Online Class

Online Option

Three 3-hour workshops plus coaching in between sessions plus reporting documentation and recommendations


Engagement time: Delivered entirely online over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. 

Creative Working_edited.jpg

Incubator Model

 We work with up to 4 teams at a time from the same organization or multiple orgs.

Engagement time:

Workshops are delivered in person over two days or online over a period of 4 to 6 weeks and include coaching in between sessions. 

All of our work is bespoke to suit your school's unique needs. Lets talk more to find what you need and how we can help you.,


Contact us now and one of our team will get in touch to schedule your free 30-minute consultation!

EnRusk People.jpg

The work we did through EnRusk to really process the time for our teachers to have them think about all they were able to persevere through in term of their own mental health to list their accomplishments and how they made it from March 2020 till now was a very powerful experience for them and one they deserved to have.

This brought vulnerability into the classroom in a way that hasn't existed before… It has definitely opened up for us the potential for us to think differently about how we might approach stuff in the future.

It has really given us the chance to really look at what we’re doing with kids in a different way and we’re asking ourselves how were going to bring that forward as we emerge from Covid.

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