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Listen Learn Leap

How to turn a complex problem into an opportunity for innovation, change and growth.

EnRusk Icons People
EnRusk Icons People

What a rollercoaster the last 15 months have been!

Students, educators and organizations have undoubtedly faced some of the toughest challenges, we commend you all for sticking it through! But it  hasn't all been a disaster.  We observed many educators and administrators try new things and innovate  how they do things.  Often the challenge for schools was just how to come together, spot that innovation, benchmark it and scale it. This is what the EnRusk team does best and why we developed our Listen, Learn, Leap program.​

Our Listen, Learn, Leap program is designed to:    

  • Unpack what you have learned from the Covid19 experience from an administrator, teacher, student, parent  perspective 

  • Help you identify and celebrate the pockets of innovation 

  • Ideate and prototype a strategic plan to benchmark and scale the innovations 

  • Help you to plan for potential disruptions

  • Create a culture of innovation and community where everyone feels heard, valued and finds their place to meaningfully contribute



Less is More

An entry-level package where we cover the basics to help you start to make a real change. This includes debriefing workshops and basic reporting and recommendations.

Engagement time: One to Two Weeks

Silver Bracelet

Add Some Shine

Designed for schools wanting to delve a little deeper this package  includes a high touch be-spoked approach, multiple workshops with all school stakeholders,  presentation forums, increased analysis and reporting from our team and the creation of  content helping you tell your story. 

Engagement time: Three to Four weeks

Fun with Guitar


We working in close partnership with you to unpack the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves guiding you through the process of ideation and prototyping leaving you with a clear strategy going forward and a process you can use yourselves in the future. 


Engagement time:  Eight to Ten Weeks

All of our work is bespoke to suit your school's unique needs. Lets talk more to find what you need and how we can help you.,



Contact us now and one of our team will get in touch to schedule your free 30-minute consultation!

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The work we did through EnRusk to really process the time for our teachers to have them think about all they were able to persevere through in term of their own mental health to list their accomplishments and how they made it from March 2020 till now was a very powerful experience for them and one they deserved to have.

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