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Organization Activation

How do you currently work?

How might you change to improve delivery, outcomes?

What is your new normal?

How might moving to online practices change and improve the way you work?

Whether we are working with schools, startups, or corporates the same principals apply.

We want to help you do what you do better. We want to challenge conventional thinking and organizational orthodoxy to find out what is stopping you from being the change you want to see in the world.

We can provide a deep analysis of your organization and consider what obstacles currently exist to prevent you from responding rapidly to the needs of your clients, your customers, your members, or your community.

Working with you, we will audit your current process and tools, including your strategic plan, communications framework, and project plans. We will help you consider whether your current modes of operation are sufficiently agile and will suggest new ways of working to capitalize on your strengths and create a more efficient organization, creating space for innovation and growth.  We will help you rethink your organizational structure to reduce rigidity and bring greater fluidity and flexibility to how you work and interact.

Our processes will help you create a culture of critique and feedback where processes and practices are constantly being questioned, tested, and iterated for continual improvement. We will design a strategy for you going forward that inspires your teams to embrace change rather than fear it, unlocking their creative potential by releasing them from formal, hierarchical structures.

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