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Change & Innovation for Growth

If your organization is not changing or growing, you are stagnating. And stagnation is how organizations fail. EnRusk helps you undertake a process of change to not only become sustainable but also a leader in your field. We'll give you the tools to keep innovating and growing into a trusted voice. A voice of change for your industry, your community, and the world.


Our change management process will help you understand not just how to grow as an organization, but why you want to grow. We have developed models for working with boards and a variety of other organizations that we can adapt and tailor to your specific needs. 


As with everything we do, our work is guided by the belief that creativity emerges through collaboration. But more often than not, organizations lack the connectivity they need to thrive.

We're experts at increasing connectivity in organizations. You'll see your teams become more agile, responsive, and open to continual change, innovation, and growth. We'll implement prototyping, iteration, and testing processes to support this new, healthy culture and allow it to unleash its creative potential.

Our team will help you articulate your values and your value propositions, together with your community. This means empowering you to start telling your own story, rather than being driven by conventional discourse. And it also means coaching you to listen and engage with your community. Giving them a voice to help shape who you are as a collective, and what you believe in. 


Once your organization develops values together and gets behind them, we'll show you how to use these values to drive decision making, a strategy, and a vision. It's the difference between being reactionary and being revolutionary.

“In an increasingly digital world, if you don’t do large-scale experimentation, in the long term—and in many industries the short term—you’re dead,”

Mark Okerstrom, the CEO of Expedia Group (Source)

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