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No matter where you are in your leadership journey these last couple of years have been unique and unprecedented. Our retreats provide the perfect space for leaders and leadership teams to reflect on the challenges and successes of the past years and capitalize on the learning and innovation that can be driven forward. We know that disruption will continue to be an evolving factor in the education and organisational landscape. Leaders must shift their mindsets to see continual change as a positive to ensure the success of their schools and their students. Participants will find inspiration from a thriving and inspirational professional learning network and through connections with other leaders.

Our leadership retreats aim at helping you approach your working processes in a more creative and collaborative way. Together we examine your current strategic plans and processes and help you adopt more agile and lean practices. Then, we help you create and establish a culture of rapid prototyping and innovation.



  • Pre Retreat Online Session for all participants

  • 2 Day Retreat (online or Face to Face)

  • Post Retreat Coaching

  • Invitation to Join the EnRusk Academy - An online community of World Leaders connecting and learning together


What They Look & Feel Like

During our retreat, the previous 12 months are used as the catalyst to help the better understand the status quo, spot the gaps and discover opportunities for change and innovation to set your organization on the path for future success. Participating leaders will also unpack their current processes for innovation and explore what else might be possible. 

Through the Design Thinking process, leaders identify problems and prototype solutions to leadership challenges, inspiring innovation in their organization.

During the retreat

Participants will work with other leaders to:

  • Be guided through a problem-finding expedition to identify critical issues from their environment. 

  • Ideate viable solutions to these problems.

  • Develop an achievable prototyped strategic project &  implementation roadmap.

After the retreat:

  • Leaders will implement their prototypes in their communities with the support of EnRusk's team and our new professional network.


EnRusk's coaches will support this implementation and guide and encourage each leader through a personalized and bespoke coaching model. This unique approach ensures that momentum is not lost once the retreat has concluded and equips leaders with the tools and support they need to drive their selected innovation.

Key Takeaways

Leaders will walk away from this retreat, understanding how to lead with empathy and drive successful and strategic innovation within their school environment. Through immersion in the design thinking approach, participants will develop a working understanding of DT and its application in a leadership context. Finally, participants will be equipped with tools and processes to apply and lead Design Thinking back into their school contexts.


By The Retreat's End Participants Will:



of the gaps presenting themselves within their school context.



understanding the opportunities in their schools.



to address these opportunities post-retreat.

6 (group).jpg


a clear innovation and future planning process, plus new tools that they can immediately apply back in their organisations or schools

4 (pushing).jpg
5 (pushing).jpg


of a strong network of global leaders with whom they can draw on and continue to work with to address problems in their schools.

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