Leadership Training

Good leaders know that their power comes from the energy they infuse into their teams. That’s why they spend a lot of time helping their people feel connected and ready to take on all sorts of challenges together.

We’re here to help you become the leader your organization needs to shape its future and the future of the world. You'll learn how to:

- Increase transparency and build a culture of trust within the organization and your community,

- Create opportunities to deepen the connections between your people, so that they feel indispensable parts of the whole and accountable to each other,

- Develop a culture where everyone can find their place, get creative and be inspired to work together towards a common goal.

We plan and facilitate leadership retreats, workshops, and coaching—both online and in person. We often work with boards and can provide comprehensive governance training.

Our leadership retreats aim at helping you approach your working processes in a more creative and collaborative way. Together we examine your current strategic plans and processes, and help you adopt more agile and lean practices. Then, we help you create and establish a culture of rapid prototyping and innovation.

54% of organizations cite culture as the primary challenge to becoming more agile 


With our one-on-one coaching, you'll move from managing to leading. We will give you the tools you need to lead your organization into the future with confidence. We often use the GROW model of coaching (Goal, Current Reality, Options and Will or Way Forward), but we're very flexible. We'll be happy to design a bespoke, personalized coaching path that meets your needs and goals. 

Schools, startups, big corporations — whatever organization we're working with, the same core principles apply.