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Creating Agile Strategy

Build a plan that inspires everyone

We guide many schools through our own creative and innovative strategic process.

Most strategic processes and documents are terrifyingly dull, uninspiring, and full of to-do lists that rarely get completed. The strategy we want to help your school design will be inspiring, easy to understand, and a driver of change.

Our strategic process is designed to inspire the whole community to get involved and contribute rather than leaving it to overworked and underrepresented committees and boards sitting behind mahogany tables.

Before any strategy is agreed upon, everyone needs to understand the why behind it. Our process is designed to help schools immerse into the status quo to find challenging problems and design innovative solutions—before agreeing on how they'll get there (the strategy). Finally, we help schools set ambitious objectives, key results (achievable metrics), and timelines to guide them on their agreed path and define how they'll know that they've accomplished their goals.
Creating an agile strategy involves listening, creativity, collaboration, and communication. It leads to change in thinking, in what you think is possible, and in ways of working. We're going to help you learn new processes and tools and develop a mindset of inclusiveness and continual creativity. That's how you prepare for the future. That's how you prepare to bring about the future you've dreamed of.

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