What People Say About Us

“The best modeling of an empathetic human-centered learning experience I have had the privilege to be a part of.”

Victorian Department of Education​

"Through Kynan Robinson's leadership and expertise, we are beginning to question long-held assumptions about our school and its future.  Administrators and faculty are thinking differently in order to make our school a more caring and well place.  Kynan is a skilled facilitator who will not settle for the status quo. He is fittingly provocative and has pushed our faculty to dream big about the future.  If you are considering any form of change management in your organization, Kynan is essential."

Mara Koetke, Head of Innovation Bronxville Union Public School NY

"Kynan is a game-changer. One of the best!"

James Whitehouse, Head of School, Elmwood Girls School, Ottawa, Canada

“The process was very clear, support was available at the drop of a hat, and Kynan was dedicated and committed to designing and delivering the work and deliver the best outcomes possible.”

Cheryl Boughton OC Head of School St. Johns Kilmarnock Canada

Queens University Top 50 Most Influential Alumni


Case Studies

The Bronxville School

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 2.19.08 PM.png

In January 2021, Bronxville Union Free School District and EnRusk came together again, this time, to address the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the classroom. Case study coming soon


I have been serving as one of the members of EMA’s Strategic Planning Design Team, under Kynan's leadership.  His company had been sought out and chosen by CEO Heather Hoerle to oversee this next SP process, and he has produced superb work for EMA.

Laurel Baker (EMA Board of Trustee - Viewpoint School)

Having worked and learnt alongside Kynan for many years, I have witnessed his amazing talents in bringing people together to drive change. Kynan has this knack of creating space and time for educators to co-construct a deep understanding of the contexts in which learning takes place, and when that happens, anything is possible. 

Andrew Williamson Department of Education Victoria

“EnRusk did an amazing job in the online space and I feel like my theoretical knowledge of Design Thinking has expanded tremendously. You all did this without that lecture feeling and that is a skill that I want to develop further. I really liked the way that you made us feel listened to and that the program wasn't a cookie-cutter approach”.

“The remote facilitation was outstanding. Good use of tools and demonstrated adaptability to tailor to individual needs.”

“Well designed, thoughtful activities to model what we needed to learn and understand.  More doing and less talking was demonstrated well.  The pre-workshop get to know you worked so well to spark curiosity and build relationships.“

“I really loved the way you encouraged us to participate and collaborate. This was a very powerful program in terms of the way it got us to work together with our peers from other schools, and share our ideas and experiences.”

Victorian Tech Schools Directors and Education Specialists