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It's the difference between being reactionary and being revolutionary.

An organization’s values aren’t just words on a website; they are the tenets that drive daily decision-making, long-term strategy, and how you are involved in your community. When your school is guided by strong values, it has purpose, direction, and a thriving culture. We will help you articulate and shape your vision and values, and build best practices to manifest them. You will be empowered to start telling your own story, and stand out by standing for so much more than an education. 

Our Defining Your Values program is designed to:    

  • Move schools beyond the values found on every other school's website, respect, excellence in learning, & other such truisms 

  • Provide guidance in putting together a Design Team (DT) to define the new values and vision

  • Envisage and test the emerging values

  • Create strong, meaningful school values and a solid identity to build a culture around

  • Support and guidance in implementing the new values and vision within your school

  • A sense of purpose and direction for the next 10-15  years

  • A communication plan to help you communicate your values to yourself and the world  

  • Create a culture of innovation and community where everyone feels heard, valued and finds their place to meaningfully contribute


EnRusk Bronze Level Package for Strategy

Less is More

An entry-level package where we cover the basics to help you start to make a real change. This includes debriefing workshops and basic reporting and recommendations.

Engagement time:  Two Weeks

Silver Bracelet - EnRusk's Silver level package for Stratey

Add Some Shine

Designed for schools wanting to delve a little deeper this package includes a high touch be-spoked approach, multiple workshops with all school stakeholders,  presentation forums, increased analysis and reporting from our team, and the creation of content helping you tell your story. 

Coaching for DT in between sessions

Engagement time: Three to Four weeks

EnRusk Gold level package for strategy


We working in close partnership with you to unpack the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves guiding you through the process of ideation and prototyping leaving you with a clear strategy going forward and a process you can use yourselves in the future. 


Engagement time:  Four to Six Weeks

All of our work is bespoke to suit your school's unique needs. Lets talk more to find what you need and how we can help you.,



Contact us now and one of our team will get in touch to schedule your free 30-minute consultation!

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The work we did through EnRusk to really process the time for our teachers to have them think about all they were able to persevere through in term of their own mental health to list their accomplishments and how they made it from March 2020 till now was a very powerful experience for them and one they deserved to have.

This brought vulnerability into the classroom in a way that hasn't existed before… It has definitely opened up for us the potential for us to think differently about how we might approach stuff in the future.

It has really given us the chance to really look at what we’re doing with kids in a different way and we’re asking ourselves how were going to bring that forward as we emerge from Covid.

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