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Every member of our team has also had success in various artistic endeavors. Working with us we have multi-award-winning musicians, sculptures, visual artists, filmmakers, composers, painters, published authors, poets, dancers, tattoo artists and the list goes on. The mindset of a great artist is one that can see the present in ways most others can't. It is a present that needs critiquing (or being made aware of)  to move us all into the future. Great artists are highly connected to humanity and actively working to create a future only a few can yet see. 

Connect - Learn - Create - Change.

That is why we hire them, surround ourselves with them support them are them. EnRusk is much much more than a consultancy firm. We are a production and publishing house and a funding source for the projects we want to see made, the films we like to watch, the music we want to listen to. If you have an idea bring it to us, if it sticks we will help you collectively create it.

EnRusk is a philosophy

Connect Learn Create  Change.

EnRusk is life. Below are some of the artists we worked on when creating this site. Go check out their work. They made it for you.

Back in the mid-'90s upon graduating from the Victorian College of The Arts with a music degree, touring the world playing in other people's bands, meeting my wife Michelle in London, and with the imminent arrival of my son Kalani I set about putting together my first band. I composed the music, set about booking recording sessions and tours, and we were off. I called the group EnRusk. It was an all-star band, full of incredible musicians, and we achieved a lot of success. We released two albums and played lots of shows, receiving excellent reviews in the press. Leading this band taught me valuable lessons helping me as I progressed on my broader career as an artist, composer, public speaker, facilitator, and thought leader in diverse worlds such as education, tech, the arts, business, and music. It was a first stepping stone to where we are today as a company that goes under the same name, EnRusk. We are passionate about helping others connect, learn, create, and change.   

Kynan Robinson  - Founder

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