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EnRusk Wins Tender to Deploy Ambitious Design Thinking Training to Teachers in Victoria

It’s undeniable: change is in the air there is a fresh breath of optimism as the world begins to be vaccinated while adapting to new ways of living, working, and learning. And where there is change and optimism, you will find EnRusk.

It’s undeniable that the Pandemic upended school life and caused educators around the world to reassess their ability to deliver an education for today’s changing, and at times, topsy-turvy world. The Department of Education Victoria has long been out in front of this trend, and has selected EnRusk to guide them as they deploy their ambitions Design2Innovate program.

As the world of work has significant implications for young people, who are now faced with increasingly unstable pathways into a digital, remote, and globalized workforce, Design2Innovate calls for a shift in the single discipline, content-heavy approach to prioritizing workplace relevant skills, including Design Thinking.

Built to bring change at scale to the Victorian education system, EnRusk designed a model that aims to teach Design Thinking while also using it as its framing methodology for delivery in schools across the state. We now have the privilege of building upon that partnership. In our new role, we will be further training and coaching the Tech School Facilitators to ensure they are confident and capable to deliver professional learning at the highest standard. We will also be on hand as the deliverer of the program over the next 12 months and be the preferred partner available to all state schools as the look to implement Design Thinking into their practice and pedagogy.

For Kynan, this contract is personally very gratifying and the culmination of a 15 -year relationship with the Victoria Department of Education Tech Schools, where he was once a teacher creating innovative new practices as the Head of Innovation at North Fitzroy Primary School. He is joined in this homecoming with Kristen Swenson, a fellow Fitzroy educator and change agent, and Fitzroy alumnus, Kalani Robinson. Together, with the full backing of the EnRusk global team, we are honored to at the helm guiding progressive schools like DET Victoria as we navigate these sometimes ferocious winds of change to illuminate new pathways to a brighter future for all.

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