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EnRusk loves supporting young artists on their journey of creativity

A beautiful piece of art we commissioned as an example of how we try to live our values everyday.

One of EnRusk’s less spoken of goals is to spotlight collective creativity in whatever form that takes. Sometimes it's amazing art and given that, we love to show off and support the creators behind them to a wider community. As part of this mission we have partnered with many talented young artists to help create the overall “EnRusk Aesthetic”. One such Artist is Alika Feldman.

You’ll recognize Alika as the main designer of our company’s logo. She is a 3 year art student with an impressive resume of commissioned work and a unique artistic view of the world. We wanted to give her the opportunity to explore that view and another project we could showcase to you guys. In mid 2021, we commissioned Alika to create a piece of art that she felt “captured the idea of EnRusk” from her perspective through both watching our company grow these last few years, and the previous work she had done with us.

Below is what she produced for us:

There’s a lot to unpack with this beautiful piece, but we wanted to start at the beginning, and ask Alika what her initial conception was.

“Connect, learn, create, change” (the EnRusk motto and our four driving principles) “...I wanted to take those 4 ideas and find a way to weave them together”.

Alika would go on to explain that the two people at the bottom represent both EnRusk and the organizations that we work with, working together, in tandem towards one goal. Connecting the bridge, guiding the fish together. “The first step is Connecting”

Why fish though?

“I use fish a lot in my other work… to me fish symbolize transformation and moving forward, because they are very rarely motionless and adapt to moving very efficiently. They are constantly moving forward.”

There’s so much to examine in this piece, you can find something new each time you look at it and Alika has done a fantastic job of relating every detail back to the work we do at EnRusk. For example, the little train you see symbolizes an idea perhaps tried, but one that did not work and that this is all part of the journey.

Alika’s favourite part of the illustration is the fish scales that change into roots. It’s all about an idea changing and evolving as you go through the process of working together and that doing so makes it so much better.

Take a closer look at and let us know some of the interesting things you find, and what you think they represent!

Comment below and we might even spotlight some of our favorite answers!

And be sure to check out more of Alika’s work on Insta @alikafeldmanart

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