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Collaging our worlds with Collagism! - Holly-Anne Buck

On today's episode of The EnRusk Podcast, Kynan and Kalani are joined by Holly-Anne Buck. In the simplest of terms, Holly-Anne is an artist, but within 5 seconds of hearing her speak, you'll realize she's so my more. Going by the mantle of "Collagism", Holly-Anne has had shows in countless different countries and specializes in a wide variety of mediums, collage being her favorite (hence the name).

We spoke at length with Holly-Anne on a number of different topics, ranging from how she got her start, working with kids teaching them life skills through collage, right up to what it's like being an artist during the current Covid pandemic.

This was a terrific conversation and we hope you enjoy every minute as much as we did!

If you want to check out Holly-Anne's work (something we highly encourage you do before listening to the episode), you can go to:

or follow her on Instagram: @collagism

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But in the meantime enjoy this episode with Collagism herself, Holly-Anne!

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