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Educate on the leading edge.

Programs and school system strategy that create rapid learning and success for staff, students and schools.

Guiding  innovative change for world leaders in institutional learning.

Take part in New Innovative Learning

Today’s world is going into the uncharted. Our schools should do the same. Prepare leaders of tomorrow by becoming examples of empowered innovation. Give your teachers, staff and students the ability to engage through participation, creativity and co-learning.

Authentic, Natural
Change - At Scale.

Every institution has its own voice. Revolutionize your capacity as a leading change-maker and mold a school that thrives, naturally, by tapping into authenticity for staff, curriculum and the student body.

Create environments for Rapid Learning

Lead From Cooperation and Engagement

Build Healthy, Inspirational Workplaces For Teachers & Staff

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4 Steps
To Continual Success

Schools should be innovative leaders. Here’s how we make sure you’re on the leading edge.


We work together to problem-solve complex issues and break down systems that no longer serve your institution, boards, staff and students.


Together, design and implement the best course of action to revitalize your institution with new systems and approaches that encourage co-learning.

Immediate Success

See staff, students and boards unite to institute change for themselves and others for immediate, authentic results.

Your Guide to New Innovative Learning

As a teacher in leadership during Apple’s 1:1 program in Australia, Dr. Kynan Robinson pushed to make sure new technology wasn’t just another expenditure but a true integrative approach to aid in learning. This investigation led him to pioneer the introduction of new, more natural ways of creative networking in education. Ways of nurturing student voices through active participation, while transforming education systems to true environments of co-learning and self-facilitation.

Soon, educators came from all over the world to see what they were doing and how they  changed learning and teaching from something standardized and rigid to a  rewarding system of experience and creativity.

Seminal Work

in Education

Work with AU D.O.E.

Leadership in Teaching

Composition & Music

Design Thinking

The Profile of New Innovative Learning Institutions

Schools of New Innovative Learning™ are fundamentally different.
They seek out challenge to develop opportunity.
They create pathways of possibility and co-learning, not predictability.
They’re designed to thrive in the world. Not just pass a test.

Environments for Rapid Learning

More Relevancy in Your Community

Increased Enrollment

Increased Staff & Student Engagement

Staff, Board, Student Cooperation

Healthy, Inspirational Workplaces

Increased Revenue

Creative, Future-Proof Education

Develop New Program Offerings

The World's Rapidly Changing.
Education Has to, Too.

The rate of change today, makes it even harder to manage staff or revenue with what may have worked before.

Without new ways to self-regulate and innovate, institutions are at risk of disruption.

Inability to restructure lost talent

Staff burnout & division

Loss of relevance

Loss of funding, revenue or accreditation

Falling behind in standard of education

Decreasing enrollment

Students under-prepared for a vastly changing world

Our hands-on process to change management, co-learning and innovation will give your institution their own way of solving complex issues - enabling staff, students and teachers to thrive in new ways together, and on their own.

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Achieving Amazing Results

What school leaders say

Mara Koetke

Head of Learning, Bronxville Union, USA

Mara Koetke

Head of Learning, Bronxville Union, USA

Through Kynan's leadership and expertise, we are beginning to question long-held assumptions about our school and its future.  Administrators and faculty are thinking differently in order to make our school a more caring and well place.  Kynan is a skilled facilitator who will not settle for the status quo. He is fittingly provocative and has pushed our faculty to dream big about the future.  

Cheryl Boughton

Head of School,  SJK School, Canada

Cheryl Boughton

Head of School,  SJK School, Canada

The process was very clear, support was available at the drop of a hat, and Kynan was dedicated and committed to designing and delivering the work and deliver the best outcomes possible

James Whitehouse

Principal, Elmwood School, Canada

James Whitehouse

Principal, Elmwood School, Canada

EnRusk, and its founder, Kynan Robinson, are game changers!
One of the best.

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Define the Future of Innovative Education

Prepare your school to lead, through change.

Create Environments For Rapid Learning

In this free ebook, directors, administrators, board members and staff will be able to see how a non-linear approach to institutional learning can be used to transform your school into a defining leader of education today.

How to become an Institution of New Innovative Learning

How Co-Learning & Listening Amplifies Results 

Finding your voice in extreme change

'Self-managing' staff & revenue

Embracing complexity and co-learning for same-day success